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Nonetheless, Marrak reminded her of her mission. Aluwyn tried to steer her to remain, even so the pair separates. Willow had a powerful epiphany at that point and understood for The very first time that there was no this sort of thing as "Dim Willow" and "Gentle Willow," only Willow.

She also witnessed the Dying of numerous students on the arms on the Get of Aurelius, impacting her emotionally. This encounter gave Buffy the thrust to confront the Buy's chief, The Master who was prophesied to eliminate her. Learning this, Willow fulfilled up with Giles, Xander and Jenny Calendar, her Pc science Instructor and technopagan she admired. They thought that a swarm from the Grasp's vampire minions would assemble within the Bronze where by the school's prom was at present staying held.

Willow and also the Many others experimented with their best to get Maloker down, but any and all attempts ended up for naught. Upon Understanding that Maloker's weaknesses were no different from All those of a normal vampire's from Giles, Willow magically greater Dawn's sizing and got down to look for a priest to bless the Redwood Financial commitment Constructing to work with it towards Maloker. After she did so, she reversed the spell she Solid on Dawn and let the priest go away the scene unharmed.

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Harmony Kendall - Willow experienced let Harmony sign her year reserve on the last day at Sunnydale Superior, Willow promising which they'd keep in touch. Despite this pleasant gesture, Willow quickly just after exposed she "hates her having a fiery vengeanence". The key reason why remaining that Harmony had bullied her for 10 years and Willow named her a "tramp." Willow before long just after stated that she was only nice to Harmony simply because she was "lacking anything."[a hundred and five] Willow reunited with Harmony after in college. They at the beginning exchanged pleasantries right until Harmony attempted to Chunk her and drain her, now a vampire. However, she was stopped by the appearance of Oz that has a cross, creating her to threaten them with her "new boyfriend" who'd be pretty upset with them for executing this to her.

Probably, amid the many customers from the Scooby Gang, Willow could be the one which has adjusted the most, not just in terms of her character, but in all facets of her currently being. She transitioned from a dainty younger Female having an affinity for personal computers, research and teachers to, almost certainly, the strongest witch in the world, and with this type of changeover arrives modifications that impact Willow and those close to her.

Next Buffy's Dying, Willow assumed leadership with the Scoobies (at Xander's insistence) and make use of her magic in patrols that will help hold the vampire inhabitants in check although seeking immediately after Dawn in Buffy's absence.

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Buffy Summers - On her initially day at Sunnydale Higher, Buffy expressed sympathy toward Willow becoming a loner and faculty outcast, Specifically after getting cruelly bullied by Cordelia. She experienced straight away tried to be good friends with her, even providing her information on dating, which amazed Willow, as she was very upopular at the time. Due to this and her saving her from vampires, Willow and Buffy began to bond.[57] They grew to become best mates, even sisterly, and have risked their lifes for another on many occassions all over the years. When Willow stumbled on magicks to re-ensoul Angel, she had heartily went in conjunction with it, eager to provide Angel again for her.[fifty] When Willow realized that Angel had returned from Hell and Buffy was taking good care of him, she wasn't judgemental and offended just like the Other folks, seemingly only worried about Buffy's well-fare.[108] Willow was also there for Buffy after Angel still left her, experience offended at him for hurting her similar to this, Inspite of believing he did the proper issue in leaving her.[109] Both equally enrolled in UC Sunnydale, finally getting roommates, Buffy expressed fantastic sympathy in the direction of Willow after Oz left her, likening it to what she went through with Angel and stood by her in her time of require, encouraging her and comforting her. Willow also shown good protectiveness over Buffy when knowing that Riley carried an interest in her, giving him assistance and also warning him that if he emotionally damage her, "she would conquer him to Dying with a shovel."[sixty] Having said that, Willow and Buffy began to develop aside. Willow failed to concur with Buffy's speedy acceptance of your Initiative and was jealous and ignored given that Buffy's time was fully monopolized.[87] Willow would yet again Notice her distance with Buffy to Tara, lamenting that the two of them were so fast paced with their interactions to nurture their friendship. Spike would then deceive Willow, professing that Buffy saw her partnership with Tara and involvement in wicca affairs as being a "stage". Damage and upset, she would inevitably lash out at Buffy when she purchased them not to help her against Adam. Willow bluntly reported their friendship were strained click this link considering that she recognized she was a lesbian, and mistook her worry as reckless superiority and observing them as way too ineffective to assist her. Buffy denied her accusations, but coldly mentioned she discovered why slayers failed to ordinarily have mates in advance of strolling out over the team. [seventeen] Unsettled by how simply Spike had broken them apart, Buffy apologized to Willow and her other buddies, promising to "hardly ever not converse once more.

Anya Jenkins - Willow initially fulfilled Anya in her Senior year, following she had reverted again to her human variety. Emotion unappreciated and dull, she had agreed to help you Anya which has a spell that will help her retrieve her necklace. Even so, Willow promptly became startled by the level of darkish magic they ended up employing and backed out, Evidently disaproving of her solutions.[13] When instructed by Xander check my reference that he was having Anya to the prom, she warned him to watch out for her And do not blame her if she got to say "I informed you so", Obviously distrusting of her. When talked about through the Other folks, she just mentioned that Anya should really keep away from crossing her again.[109] She also showed quick annoyance the "evil Lady" experienced showed up but swiftly acquired in excess of it, recognizing that Anya was supplying info on the Ascension.[eighty] Willow's dislike of Anya eventually was introduced up once more in an argument with Xander, expressing her distaste that she was often with him.[89] Her dislike for Anya ongoing, bringing them into direct conflict with Xander. She hated Anya's abrupt speech and insisted she find out tact and truly act human. She also mocked her obsession with funds, stating she was a lot more fond of money than she was of people. Willow also appeared to harbor distrust towards her outside of issue for Xander, not wanting him to finish up on the tip of her vengeance.

Spike - Willow and Spike have preserved a helpful romantic relationship over the years. Willow's type, trusting character immediatly brought about her to sympathize with his heartache; she comforted him about his breakup with Drusilla and agreed to execute a enjoy spell for him, Regardless that he had kidnapped and briefly threatened her.[59] When Spike was implanted with his chip he immediatly attempted to Chunk Willow, but uncovered that he was unable to harm her. She tried to sympathize with him by stating that she wasn't the kind of Lady vampires would ordinarily want to bite, but he admitted to her that he "would bite her within a heartbeat", suggesting that he considered her beautiful more than enough to get rid of or sire. Whilst she retaliated by hitting him over the head which has a lamp, she Nevertheless seemed flattered.[60] When Spike attempted to commit suicide by leaping on to a stake, she appeared upset, and declared to Xander: "It can be ooky! We all know him! We will not just Permit him poof himself!"[129] Such as others, Willow was disturbed by Spike's obsession with Buffy and took aspect in ostracizing him within the Scooby Gang.[a hundred thirty] Still, she never confirmed any real dislike for him, and acknowledged the sincerity of his gesture to deliver a bouquet of flowers as a sign of respect for Joyce right after her Loss of life.

Cordelia Chase - Cordelia was a bully to both of those Xander and Willow considering that grade college, which caused them to form the "We Loathe Cordelia Club". This mutual hatred continued into highschool, till Cordelia experienced reluctantly commenced dealing with the Scooby Gang from numerous threats. When she frequently took Cordelia's criticisism passive-agressively, she shown terrific disgust, harm, and anger at her marriage with Xander. Willow had even at the time claimed Xander's phone number was 'one-800-I am-Courting-A-Skanky-Ho'.[seventy seven] Willow sooner or later warmed as many as Cordelia and created a odd friendship the moment she adjusted to their relationship. They confided in see post their connection complications and hanged out a great deal additional generally, which slightly unnerved Xander.[77] When she experienced first kissed Xander and cheated on Oz, she was overcome with guilt and felt horrible for executing that to Cordelia. She had in reality felt so terrible, during Homecoming, she experienced originally chose to enable her with creating a databases, only to betray her five minutes afterwards to assist Buffy. When Buffy and Cordelia ended up at odds, Willow experienced agreed to put them collectively inside a limousine to type out their problems.[78] Soon after Willow and Xander were being caught having an affair,[59] Cordelia reverted to her former bully persona, and was cruel toward Willow along with the Scoobies Yet again. Willow felt exceptionally guilty about her involvement in the affair and graciously accepted Cordelia's bitter snark, believing it for being fully deserved.

Willow afterwards recognized that Faith, Giles and Andrew ended up captured by Twilight. She teleported around the world on the lookout for them, locating dead Slayers at quite a few areas due to Twilight conducting simultaneous coordinated assaults worldwide, top them to theorize Buffy's new powers have came in the useless Slayers. Amy defected for the Slayers' facet and unveiled Twilight's HQ was located 3 seconds in the future. Using this information they were being capable to uncloak it, bringing about Buffy's confrontation with Twilight, who exposed himself to generally be Angel.

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